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Saturday, January 23, 2010

So sorry!

I'm so sorry about the quirky downloading from 4 Shared lately! Not sure what is going on with that. Some of you are able to download from them and some aren't! I appreciate all of the comments from people who weren't able to get the 4 Shared download links to work, even trying them over and over. I've gone back into the posts that were commented about and added alternate links, hoping people are able to successfully download the freebies! Again, I apologize! Please continue to let me know about broken links so that I can fix them as soon as possible!


Lorena Digital Designs said...

4-Shared has been acting very squirrelly lately. I've been having all kinds of problems with it, so it's definitely not you! But thanks for the alternate links. That's a very nice thing to do.

Lulutoo said...

That was so nice of you! 4shared is ridiculously unreliable lately. It seems to be certain servers (which you have no control over) and others are just fine. Thanks for the freebies--that's another thing about 4shared lately--it keeps making me log for every single download, which gets old fast!

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