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Hi there! My name is Sarah and I'm the proud mommy to two wonderful little girls, Emma and Abby. I'm also the loving wife of a hard working man named Jeremy and we celebrate our anniversary every year on Halloween! I'm interested in web design, computer graphics, digital scrap booking and of course, my family! :) Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Freebies, Glitter Dust, Chunky Glitter, Glitter Smears

Everyone loves glitter right?! Well, I got bored today and made up a few things for you all! I hope everyone likes these goodies and has a safe and happy Halloween today!

Today Jeremy and I celebrate 7 years of marriage! Go us! I couldn't be happier! :D Hehe! And tonight when daddy gets off work we're going trick or treating at our local mall. We've gone the last couple of years, and really like it. There's lots of candy to be had, and it's indoors, which is nice since it's quite cold here! I can't wait to take lots of pictures and Emma's just over the moon excited. Hehe! So that's that! Onto the freebies!

Pick up Glitter Dust, HERE

Pick up Glitter Clusters, HERE

Pick up Glitter Smears, HERE

Take care, see you all back here soon!!

(to unpack .rar files please consider download the free program 7 Zip)
Friday, October 19, 2007

Moody Blues Freebie Alpha

Hey all! I whipped up this alpha this morning and am working on a new header for my blog too! I've gotten the program Art Rage 2, and am figuring that out too. I love the way the program makes glitter! :D Anyway, here's the freebie! Leave a note if you download and enjoy!


Download Moody Blues Glitter Chipboard part 1 HERE

Download Moody Blues Glitter Chipboard part 2 HERE

* Don't forget both parts or you won't get a full alpha! :D *

Alright, I've got a bunch'a stuff to do, so I'm outta here! Take care!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Freebie! Glittery Seasonal Word Art

Hey gang! I'm back w/ some glittery seasonal word art. I've got two packs; Silly Seasons and Serious Seasons! The silly season pack comes w/ all the seasons in pretty glitter! The fonts are all whimsical and fun! The serious season pack comes in the same shimmery glitter, but the fonts are scripty and beautiful! Hope you guys like them and can use them!

Download Serious Seasons Glittery Word Art HERE

Download Silly Seasons Glittery Word Art HERE

Well, I hope that appeases everyone's love for glitter! I love using it, and will be doing a lot more glittery stuff in the future, so stay tuned! hehe!


(to unpack .rar files please consider download the free program 7 Zip)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New freebie Alpha :)

Wow, I'm on a roll! Luckily these babies don't take long to make. I think these might be the last of the day! Hope you like them! This alpha coordinate w/ Danielle Corbitt's Little Rascal freebie kit.

Remember to leave me a little note if you've downloaded! Again, the paper samples are from the Little Rascal kit by Danielle Corbitt, you can find her blog and they are NOT included w/ the package of alphas. Please read my TOU as well, if you haven't already. :) Thank you!

Grab the Silly Stripes Alpha HERE.
*ANOTHER new link, sorry about that*

I think that is going to be it for today. My mom left yesterday, so I have a house to clean! I'm actually only down to the upstairs bathroom left to scrub! I better get on that! Hope you all enjoy my alphas!


More freebie alphas :)

Hi all! I made an alpha last night to coordinate w/ one of Danielle Corbitt's kits. This time, my favorite kit so far----> Mama's Boys. Head on over and check out the kit, it's full of some of my favorite colors! Hope you all enjoy this alpha. I've been give a few suggestions from some that's definitely not a newbie like myself! *wink* So, you'll now find previews inside my packaged files, AND my terms of use! Nothing scary, don't worry! I make these alpha's for fun, and that's how I want it to remain! Okay, onto the previews and the links! Woo hoo!

Download Plain Ol' Alpha HERE

And, to make sure we all understand each other, heheh - This alpha is in no way affiliated w/ Danielle's kit other than it matches pretty like [color and/or pattern]. The paper samples in the previews are not included in my download. And, blah blah blah. You know the routine. It's an alpha. Read my TOU's. Enjoy, and leave a little note if you download please! :D

[I'm sure I will be back with more later today...until then...]

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