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Hi there! My name is Sarah and I'm the proud mommy to two wonderful little girls, Emma and Abby. I'm also the loving wife of a hard working man named Jeremy and we celebrate our anniversary every year on Halloween! I'm interested in web design, computer graphics, digital scrap booking and of course, my family! :) Thanks for stopping by!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

New ADS only Yahoo Group!

I started my own Ads Only Yahoo group called FREE DIGI ADS!!! It's designed for designers and just anyone who loves getting ads regarding stuff on sale, or even just new items! It all comes through the yahoo group, and it's FREE! So if you are a designer, head over and sign up! Too many ad groups can't be a bad thing! Get known, get your name out there! Get advertising! :D

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sub Shop, Pinkie Pie, Got Milk?! Alphas

Okay guys, just a lil disclaimer here so you don't all think that I've gone off the deep end here! Bahahah! I've just come upon some actions for PS that I think are fun and silly, and I wanted to share w/ all of you! You actually all might have these actions tucked away in the forbidden folder, or you won't even admit that you have them since they are so dorky and goofy! But, leave it to me, the newbie at PS, to plug in every single action that I get and make an alpha out of it! Hahah! I'm here offering you three new alpha's that aren't really scrappy, but they are fun and cute (at least to me they are! heheh!), so I really wanted to do something with them. So, here y'all go! Now don't laugh and be nice! tee heee!

Grab the Sub Shop Alpha HERE

Grab the Pinkie Pie Alpha HERE

And, last but not least, grab the Got Milk?! Alpha, HERE

So, there ya have it! Do the sub sandwich and the crackers make ya hungry?! Hehe! I think I've made my share for the day, so maybe I'll see ya back tomorrow for more goodies!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Freebie Ornament

Get into the holiday season y'all!!! heheh! Here's a new freebie for you that I did up today! Hope you like it, leave me a note if you do, k?

Grab the Colored Ornaments HERE

That's it for today, more tomorrow! Take care

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Birthday Glitter

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, we had a pretty nice one here. Emma went and stayed the night with her Aunt Jess on Saturday and so it was just Jeremy, Abby and I. On Sunday, we went and picked Emma up and came home to get back into the groove. I bought a few things this weekend, as it was National Digi Scrapping Day, which was kinda neat. I've got so much to play w/ I really am starting to feel overwhelmed! I need to get busy, but every time I commit myself and sit down at the computer, I just get really bad headaches. It sucks. But I'm going to trudge through it today and get some scrapping done, hopefully. I hate feeling miserable at the end of the day because I've been on the computer for longer than 10 mins. *sigh* So... I have a little cutie of a freebie, nothing special, but a lil glitter that's colorful, so I named it Birthday Glitter! heh! :D

Preview's been resized. Grab this colorful concoction, HERE.

Alright, lator gators!

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